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Panoor Restaurant is established in the year 1983. It is one of the leading non veg restaurants across UAE and expanding across GCC also. From a humble beginning panoor restaurant has now grown in one of the best restaurant across UAE. The efforts of Mr. NK Kunjammad Haji, NK Muneer and brothers helped the panoor restaurant to reach the present milestone. Thanks to the public of UAE for their high support and the management will always see to that our customers are happy. To fulfill that the management set up all branches with superb ambiance with very spacious and great art interiors more over our mouth watering dishes are famous across UAE The art of Indian cookery lies not in high spicing but in the delicacy of spicing. Ours is a restaurant that serves delicious Indian food, including LAMB, CHICKEN, SHRIMP, FISH & TANDOOR DISHES. We also have high-quality, authentic CHINESE dishes the whole family will love. What more, you can also enjoy your favourite traditional Keralite delicacies too! HURRY! Stop by our restaurant today and savor all this at a price you’ll welcome!! We also take party orders and deliver it at the party destination.

Abdul Muneer N.K is a successful businessman from India who is the Chairman of Panoor Group of Restaurants, a conglomerate that operates restaurants and supermarkets in and around UAE and other Gulf countries. He is the one who manages the overall activities of Panoor Group of Restaurants that spreads across the GCC Countries and ensure that the organisation is operating effectively and efficiently.

As a successful restaurant businessman, he is a strategic thinker who can balance the creative and operational aspects of the business. He is able to adapt to changing market conditions, manage a diverse team of employees, and provide exceptional customer service to ensure the success of the restaurant.

His incisive vision about his business and strategic mindset have augmented striving evolution plans for Panoor Group of Restaurants which he is giving his blood and sweat. Since origin, the group in turn ensured their manifestation through a team of hardworking people who share his drive and dynamism.


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